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In addition to gestational surrogacy arrangements, the CPSA also governs the donation and the disposition of gametes (egg, sperm), and embryos.  Under the CPSA, a person who donates eggs or sperm to another person is not a parent of a child—unless he or she donated the genetical material with the intent to be a parent.  

Anonymous donors almost always relinquish any claim to parental rights as a matter of course.  On the other hand, when the donors of gametes or embryos are known​ to the Intended Parents, the parties should entered into a formal agreement.  These agreements set forth that the donor is donating genetical material and relinquishing any parental rights, and that the Intended Parents agree to take custody and responsibility of any resulting children.

The CPSA necessitates individuals who are navigating gestational surrogacy or conception through ART to retain counsel. 

The Law Offices of Andrew T. Coyle is prepared to represent any Intended Parent, gestational surrogate, or gamete donor in New York.