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The Law Offices of Andrew T. Coyle

Call:  (315) 201-8249


The Law Offices of Andrew T. Coyle is a boutique law firm offering legal services 

in matrimonial, family law, and commercial matters.


When a marriage ends in separation or divorce, the process can be emotionally draining and time-intensive for not only you, but your entire family. Reduce the strain associated with divorce by depending on The Law Offices of Andrew T. Coyle to guide you through the process. Andrew has extensive experience in divorce proceedings—having represented numerous high net worth clients in divorces, as well as working as a court attorney in a matrimonial courtroom. Andrew will endeavor to resolve your dispute amicably outside of court, but if settlement is untenable, he is prepared to fight for your rights in court, including through protracted trials and appeals. He will handle your case with diligence and empathy, acting as your advocate throughout the entire process, including with respect to the following issues:


Custody and parental access concerns are some of the most complicated issues separated parents face—regardless of whether the parties are married. Andrew Coyle is prepared to advise clients through the often-harrowing process of either resolving or litigating child custody issues. Custody disputes can be grouped into distinct categories: legal custody and physical custody/parenting time. Child support obligations are dependent on which parent holds physical custody of the children.

Child custody disputes raise the following issues:


Not all family law disputes occur in the context of a divorce action.  Conflicts often occur between ex-spouses after the entry of a judgment of divorce.  Other disputes may arise between unmarried individual, including those seeking a restraining order against an "intimate partner" .  

The Law Offices of Andrew T. Coyle is prepared to represent you in non-matrimonial family law disputes, including:


Over the past decade, monumental changes in New York law have occurred leading to dramatic changes in family structures and the way children are conceived. The Marriage Equality Act recognized same-sex couples right to marry. More recently, New York enacted the Child-Parent Security Act (“CPSA”), which governs the parentage of children conceived through “third party reproduction,” including gestational surrogacy, as well as donor eggs, sperm, and/or embryos.  The CPSA also addresses the disposition of embryos and posthumous reproduction.

The Law Offices of Andrew T. Coyle offers the following services related to reproductive law:


New York law establishes default rules in the event of divorce, including the division of marital assets through equitable distribution, as well as the payment of spousal maintenance and counsel fees. However, under Domestic Relations Law 236(b)(3), parties can opt out of these default rules by entering into a formal written agreement--either before or during a marriage (in the form of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement), or after a marriage has broken down (in the form of a settlement agreement or separation agreement).

The Law Offices of Andrew T. Coyle can draft and advise about any marital agreement, including:

Andrew T. Coyle has extensive experience representing various businesses in complex litigation. He also has significant experience representing commercial property owners in landlord and tenant disputes, including in opposition to Yellowstone applications and in ejection actions in New York Supreme Court.

Given his considerable experience, Andrew T. Coyle is prepared to commence business dispute in state or federal court, and handle commercial litigation through the discovery process, trial, and appeal. However, he can also assist in mediating, arbitrating, or settling any business or commercial dispute.

Although we endeavor to finally resolve your dispute through settlement or trial at the lower court level, when there is a significant issue one party believes to have been wrongly decided, an appeal may be necessary. The Law Offices of Andrew T. Coyle is prepared to represent you in connection with any appeals.

Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing real estate, Andrew T. Coyle has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. Contact The Law Offices of Andrew T. Coyle to discuss all your real estate transaction needs. We serve clients throughout New York and New Jersey.